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"Latin people we’ve had a very violent journey. The Spaniards came, ya know, and they were like dudes who very horny and they didn’t bring women like the English did. They saw those Indian hunnies, and they were like, you know, they were doing the beast with two backs. And they brought us syphilis cus Europeans were having sex with sheep, and that’s how we got syphilis and gonorrhea. And then they brought African slaves into the mix and then you added that to our music, to our history. And there was a lot of self-hate and a lot of violence, but somehow through the couple hundred years we are the future of the world. Like, ya know, we have all the genes of everybody put into our faces and in our bodies.
Regardless of what this country tells you and the negative images you see everywhere, we have a big hand in making this country what it is."

— John Leguizamo speaks on colonialism and the future of latin@s in HBO’s documentary, The Latino List. 

(Source: tortillachronicles)

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